Jacob York

Jacob York


Dr. Amor Menezes


Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering


Sustainability and the Built Environment


Materials Science and Engineering


NASA Growing Beyond Earth Team SIMoN, iGEM Team UFlorida, Green Building Club, Equity Diveristy and Inclusion in Sustainability, Urban Land Institute, After iGEM Sustainability Development Gpaks Committee, UF Climate Action Plan Transportation Subgroup

Academic Awards

HWCOE Dean's List Fall 2019, Spring 2020. College of DCP Dean's List Fall 2020



Research Interests

Sustainability, Synthetic Biology, Sustainable Biomaterials, Space Colonization, Material Ecology

Hobbies and Interests

Creative Writing, Graphic Design, Rock climbing, Video Production, Voice Acting, Cooking

Research Project

Development and Control of a Tri-State Engineered Living Building Material

A novel building material with controllable density will be made out of bacterial co-colonies. The material will respond to various inputs to switch to one of three cellular packing densities.