Jane Parke

Student NameJane Parke
Faculty Mentor NameZhiyong Cheng PhD
CollegeCollege of Agriculture and Life Sciences
MinorFood Science
Research InterestsDiet Therapy and Metabolic Disorders
Academic Awards UF Dean’s List, UF President’s Honor Roll, University Scholars Program
Hobbies and InterestsSwimming, running, cooking, reading

Research Project

The Autophagic Response of a High Energy Diet in Adipose Tissue?

Autophagy is a cellular remodeling process that recycles or eliminates cellular components. This project analyzes how a high energy diet impacts this process in adipose tissue with the onset of obesity. Western blot analysis and other molecular techniques will be used to identify autophagy markers such as LC3, p62, and pULK1 and examine autophagic flux in a high-fat diet (HFD) model. Obesity is a widespread condition across the globe today. Thus, this project will augment our understanding of this condition, and lead to potential therapeutic options for obesity and other metabolic conditions.