Jaren Abraham

Student NameJaren Abraham
Faculty Mentor NamePhilip Hahn
CollegeCollege of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Research InterestsEcology, Paleontology
Academic AwardsDean’s List 2019
University Scholars Program 2020
Hobbies and InterestsN/A

Research Project

The Effects of cabbage looper Herbivory Damage on wild radish Seed Production?

Herbivorous insects consume substantial portions of plant material and the damaging effects of this herbivory are known to negatively affect the plants ability to produce seed. I will conduct an experiment to determine the relationship between the amount of herbivore damage and the reproductive capability of wild radishes. These results will help us understand how strongly herbivory affects plant reproduction with implications for the use of biocontrol insects as a method of reducing invasive plant populations, such as the wild radish.