Jason Liu

Student NameJason Liu
Faculty Mentor NameJi-Hyun Lee
Research InterestsGeriatrics, cancer, medicine, and medical therapy
Academic AwardsPBS Emperor Science Award
Dean’s List
Emerging Scholars Program 2019
University Scholars Program 2020
OrganizationsInterdisciplinary Clinical and Academic Program
Hobbies and InterestsFitness, swimming, tennis, reading

Research Project

Survival Analysis of Advanced Lung Cancer Data to Identify Risk Factors

Survival analysis is an important branch of real-life applications, especially in cancer research. In this project, the publicly available data of patients with advanced lung cancer from the North Central Cancer Treatment Group will be used. The goals are to explore the data set and identify risk factors associated with overall survival. Summary statistics, graphical illustrations, Kaplan-Meier curves, univariable and multivariable Cox regression will be generated. This will allow the scientific community to better understand the risks and potential prevention of lung cancer.