Student NameJeffrey Chen
Faculty Mentor NameWayne Giang
CollegeCollege of Engineering
MajorBiomedical Engineering
Research InterestsHuman Factors, Medicine, Health, Decision-Making, Biological Systems
Academic AwardsFlorida Academic Scholar UF Presidential Gold Scholarship
OrganizationsGRIP, BMES
Volunteer WorkTOPSoccer Shands Hospital
Hobbies and InterestsPiano, Badminton, Biking

Why I got involved with research

Research is a great way to understand the scientific process as it relates to applicable, real-world situations. Getting involved with research allows someone to expand their perspective and become a direct link between the ideas and results. I want to be a part of this connection, to contribute to a new idea, concept, or thought.

Research Project

Health Insurance Decision-Aids

Making healthcare choices is an extremely difficult process, with complex health plans filled with difficult to understand terms. There have been recent developments in decision-aids, such as UF’s ALEKS program, that guides a prospective healthcare buyer through a relatively linear path. This research project aims at determining how the presence or lack of decision-aids affect the decision-making process of an individual. We will be using eye tracking software, interviews, and path-analysis to determine levels of focus, overall time, and general thoughts about the process.