Student NameJenna Tingum
Faculty Mentor NameDan Smith
CollegeLiberal Arts and Sciences
MajorStatistics and Political Science
Research InterestsElections, Absentee Ballot Rejections, Election law and compliance, Political Behavior
Academic AwardsBroward County Gator Club Scholarship Recipient
OrganizationsGators Vote Everywhere: Andrew Goodman Foundation, Extreme Dance Company, UF Department of Residence Life and Education (RA), Bob Graham Center Civic Scholars Research Program, Election Sciences Research Group
Hobbies and InterestsRegistering students to vote, dancing, eating Krishna, volunteering

Research Project

Election Compliance and Absentee Ballot Rejection

Using data from Georgia and Florida county election officials, we will be examining absentee ballot rejection rates and different contributing factors which can lead to this outcome. Many confounding variables and explanatory factors (such as native language, country of origin, literacy, age, race, partisanship, etc.) have the potential to predict ballot rejection rates and point to pockets of suppression amongst different demographics. This introductory and descriptive analysis of the vote-by-mail electorate will then be compared with similar states and counties to develop a strong comparison for rejection rates in areas with higher rates of election standards compliance and/or noncompliance, in turn focusing on location of election compliance. Overall, this paper seeks to understand the relationship between absentee ballot rejection rates and the major issue of state election compliance.