Student NameJennifer McCloskey
Faculty Mentor NameSergio Vega
CollegeCollege of Arts
MajorFine Arts/Sculpture
Research InterestsSculpture and Horticulture
OrganizationsDAMN, Sculpture Club
Hobbies and InterestsCeramic, wood-working, foraging, gardening

Research Project

Neoteric Floating Wetlands

Floating wetlands are living structures where native and often times edible plants are used to combat green slime, as well as provide food for living land and sea creatures. They provide aeration to the water, and the plants absorb chemicals from the water. For this project, I intend to continue my research in the combination of the fields of science and art, particularly pertaining to public outdoor sculpture. I will be creating self-sustaining solar powered aquaponic floating wetlands in the shape of lily pads. The lily pads will feature vectorized cells laser cut on the sides, and will float with natural sponges.