Student NameJessica Krasnove
Faculty Mentor NameDr. Yanping Tu
CollegeWarrington College of Business
Research InterestsBehavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience, Consumer Behavior
Academic AwardsUF Presidential Gold Scholarship, Warrington College of Business Dean’s List
OrganizationsFundraising Director/Vice President of Internal Affairs in Global Business Brigades, Korean Undergraduate Student Association, Florida Leadership Academy
Hobbies and InterestsPiano/Violin, Tennis/Volleyball, Languages, Drawing/Painting, Entrepreneurship

Research Project

Consumer Behavior in Business Referral Program Participation

The proposed research will study consumer behavior as it relates to a social context. Specifically, it will pertain to consumer decisions in business referral programs. With the continuously advancing online industry, implementing referral programs have become an increasingly popular way for companies to make an effort to expand their customer base. However, consumer participation rates in referral programs have been notoriously low. This research will explore various factors that can encourage consumer involvement and interest in participating in referral programs. Businesses that offer these programs will be analyzed to determine what incentives will entice consumers to increase participation rates so that they can refine their own methods and generate more revenue. This study seeks to analyze the psychology behind why certain incentives are more effective by examining consumer responses to various approaches of referral programs.