Student NameJonathan DeStefano
Faculty Mentor NameAmlan Biswas
CollegeCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences
MinorMathematics and Chemistry
Research InterestsMaterials Physics, Electronic Materials, Magnetic Materials
Academic AwardsUF 2019 REU Participant
OrganizationsGeneral Relief In Prosthetics
Hobbies and InterestsDrumming, Teaching, Board Games

Why I got involved in research:

I got involved with research at UF primarily because of my interest in physics, and my desire to learn more about how physics is actually conducted outside of a classroom setting. Since starting in fall 2018, my curiosity has only increased, and I now plan on going to graduate school in the hopes of continuing into a career of scientific research.

Research Project

Magnetic and Electrical Properties of Thin Film Oxides

Dr. Biswas’ lab studies complex oxides such as perovskite manganese oxides (manganites), which are fascinating due to both the challenges they pose to understanding fundamental science, as well as their potential for applications in the future. Over the course of my time in this lab, I will be trained to various techniques utilized in condensed matter physics, including measuring low temperature transport properties of materials, atomic force microscopy, and photolithography.