Student NameJordan Wade
Faculty Mentor NameCreed Greer
CollegeCollege of Liberal Arts and Science
MajorEnglish and Criminology
Research InterestsLiterature studies, literature and cultural theory, and history of women's movements
Academic AwardsPresident's Honor Roll(Fall 2017), Dean's list
OrganizationsThe Navigators
Hobbies and InterestsBasketball, Piano, Reading

Research Project

Analysis of The Female Voice: Anne Bronte and The "Me Too" Movement

In this study, through close reading and critical analysis of the works of Anne Bronte (The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and Agnes Grey), I will seek to understand and consider the echoes of her work and her position as a 19th century female author that exist in the way in which the modern day “Me Too” movement characterizes itself. I will also seek to assess the impact that her work, as a model for female experience coming from a female voice, has had on the method of shared experience that dominates the movement.
Through the use of comparative and thematic analysis I will explore the ways in which she sought to give a voice to female oppression through the novel in a cultural setting that lacked the social media platform that exists today. I will explore the strengths and shortcomings of her communication of ideas and the resulting impact they had on 19th century society as well as the long-term impact that they have fostered in modern culture through examination of the “Me Too” movement.