Student NameJordan Press
Faculty Mentor NameChris Gibson
CollegeLiberal Arts and Sciences
Research InterestsMethodology, Criminal Theory, and Labeling Theory
OrganizationsEta Sigma Phi
Hobbies and InterestsCollege Basketball, Cooking, and Reading

Research Project

Racialized Criminal Stigma and Mugshot Publication Websites: A Randomized Experiment to Assess the Effect of Arrest Booking Photographs on Employment Discrimination

The goal of my research is to determine if individuals who are arrested, but not convicted of crimes, which result in their mugshot being taken, are labeled as criminals. The purpose of this project is to differentiate between the criminal label of an actual criminal and that of an individual who only has a published mugshot. This will be tested by providing a survey where subjects will be asked to act as an employer and determine their likelihood of hiring individuals with varying degrees of criminal records provided to them with background checks. Additionally, this study will look to see if this labeling effect is different for black and white applicants. Overall, this research will shed light on the impact of mugshot publication websites on the criminal stigma of individuals who have had their mugshots publicized but have not been convicted of a crime.