Joshua Lopez-Scarim

Student NameJoshua Lopez-Scarim
Faculty Mentor NameDiego Rincon-Limas
CollegeCollege of Medicine
MajorBiology – Bachelor of Science
MinorSpanish & Chemistry
Research InterestsNeurodegeneration
Gene Therapy
Academic AwardsCOVID-19 Peer Advice Contest – 1st Place April 2020
University Scholars Program Candidate February 2020
SACNAS Poster Presentation – 1st Place February 2020
CLAS Dean’s List December 2019
OrganizationsAmerican Society for Microbiology
Hispanic Student Association
UF American Physician Scientists Association
The Neuroscience Club at UF
Hobbies and InterestsPaddleboarding

Research Project

Defining the Role of the ER Stress Factor XBP1s in TDP-43 Proteinopathies?

I am exploring whether the ER stress transcription factor XBP1s can alleviate cellular, biochemical and behavioral phenotypes associated with TDP-43 toxicity upon targeted expression to brain neurons and elucidate how these two proteins interact with each other to elicit pro-survival or pro-apoptotic outcomes. To do so I will perform biochemical, cellular, histological, and behavioral studies to assess the extent of mXBP1s protection. Thus, at the end of this work, it might be possible to rationally target XBP1s signaling to resolve TDP-43-mediated ER stress in a manner that was not previously conceivable.