Student NameJulia Davis
Faculty Mentor NameBenjamin Johnson
CollegeCollege of Journalism and Communications
Research InterestsOnline influencers, politics, social trends
OrganizationsHer Campus UFL, Ad Society
Hobbies and InterestsOther than news and politics, my interests and hobbies include makeup and skincare, trivia and spending time with my cat.

Research Project

"Getting the News from YouTube"

My project will test the perceived credibility of news sources on YouTube. I have chosen this topic because the information spread on the platform by content creators in this genre tends to not always be consistent. Additionally, I will research the independence and trustworthiness of YouTube news sources in regard to sponsorships and whether or not they are disclosed to viewers. This project is a follow-up to an project I am currently working on with my mentor that is about the credibility of YouTube personalities in general.