Student NameJustin Geraghty
Faculty Mentor NameRachael Seidler
CollegeHealth and Human Performance
MajorBiology and APK
Research InterestsBiomechanics, Motor control
OrganizationsAlpha Epsilon Delta, Gator Emergency Medical Response Unit, First Responder Gator
Hobbies and Interestsvolunteering, cooking, fitness, coding

Research Project

Mechanisms behind Individual differences in gait impairments associated with aging

This project aims to better understand the mechanisms behind individual differences in gait impairments that are associated with aging. We will be looking at structural differences in the gray matter volume of the frontal and sensorimotor regions of the brain between younger and older adults. Structural T1-weighted MRI scans will be attained and analyzed through Computational Anatomy Toolbox 12 to compare gray matter content. Inertial measurement Unit (IMU) sensors will be used to collect data on gait performance while walking normally and while walking and performing a cognitive task. How differently participants perform on these walking tasks will give us a “dual task cost”. We will use the dual task cost to determine the magnitude of gait impairment caused by the cognitive task. Finally we will asses for correlations between dual task costs and the gray matter volumes in our regions of interest.