Kaitlyn Tucker

Kaitlyn Tucker


Dr. Gabriel Maltais-Landry


College of Agricultural and Life Sciences


Marine Sciences


Wildlife Ecology and Conservation


Alpha Zeta Honors Fraternity, Marine Biology Club, Honors Student Advisory Board,

Academic Awards

SSFGS Marine Sciences Undergraduate 2021 Scholarship Recipient, Fred W. and Mabel H. Barber 2020 Scholarship Recipient, University of Florida Honors Student, Dean's List (2019), President's Honor Roll (2020)


Water sampling for Dr. Bowden's project on Mapping Florida Water Quality via Student Crowd-Sourcing.

Research Interests

Research interests include the mitigation of eutrophication in freshwater environments, coral reef restoration, and fisheries ecology.

Hobbies and Interests

Reading, travelling abroad, trying new restaurants, playing the ukulele

Research Project

Improving Nitrogen and Phosphorus Management in Crop Production Through Integrated Nutrient Management

Integrated nutrient management, or INM, aims to promote efficient nutrient delivery to crops and high yields, while minimizing nutrient waste, production costs, and negative impacts on the environment. INM combines the use of organic fertilizers such as compost and manure with the use of legumes that replenish soil nitrogen through nitrogen fixation. Although INM aims to amplify biological nitrogen fixation, there are numerous challenges with the methods of this practice. This study will focus on a lab-based incubation aimed at improving nitrogen and phosphorus management in crop production using the INM approach, through analyzing the effect of processed 10-2-8 fertilizer, composted poultry manure, and biochar from poultry manure on nutrient cycling.