Katherine Ghivizzani

Katherine Ghivizzani


Ed Braun, PhD





Health Disparities in Society


Delta Nu Zeta, AMSA

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North Florida Regional Medical Center

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Playing the ukulele, watching movies, and running

Research Project

Comparing Ultra-Conserved Elements in Galliformes Genomes

Ultra-conserved elements, or UCEs, are segments of DNA within the genome that are consistently passed down throughout species with very little or no change to their sequence. There are two variations among UCEs that can tell us a lot about the relationships between species within the same order: variation in the DNA sequences flanking the UCEs, and variation in the physical placement of UCEs (i.e., their chromosomal location). Specifically, I will be studying UCEs found in the genomes of species in the order Galliformes. Galliformes are an order of birds that includes the chicken. The chicken genome is the best known and most well-researched in this area, making it a good indicator species to which I can compare my findings from other Galliformes. This data can be used to discover patterns of evolutionary change and make connections between changes at the genomic level and changes in the species as a whole.