Kenan Carames

Kenan Carames


Dr. Wayne Giang


Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering


Industrial and Systems Engineering


International Development and Humanitarian Assistance


Alpha Pi Mu Honor Society, Solar Gators, Model United Nations

Academic Awards

UF Presidential Scholarship


The Big Event, UF Health Vaccination Volunteer

Research Interests

Human Factors, Autonomous Systems, Machine Learning

Hobbies and Interests

Research Project

Studying Robot Vacuums Using Online Retailer Reviews to Understand Human-Automation Interaction

As technology becomes increasingly automated, relationships between users and robots are evolving. While these advancements are intended to simplify user experience, they are constantly redefining the responsibilities of users. Learning to recognize new responsibilities and adjusting interaction accordingly is a challenge that is especially difficult for much of the general public who may be unfamiliar with the using these systems. Public knowledge about these automated systems is central to the success and safety of integrating autonomous technology into society. The objective of this work is to examine human-robot systems through the collection of experiences from online reviews of robot vacuums. The project will explore the types of user interactions with robot vacuums, robot vacuums as a domain for human-automation research, and feasibility of using user reviews as a source of informations for studying human-automation interaction.