Student NameLauren Lester
Faculty Mentor NameElliot Dirr
CollegeCollege of Engineering
MajorElectrical Engineering
Research InterestsBiomedical instrumentation, Neural Engineering
OrganizationsVolunteer at Wilmott Gardens, Pi Beta Phi, and E-Week
Hobbies and InterestsRunning, reading and cooking

Research Project

An Inferno of Dance: The Daily Struggle of Being Good

I will produce a choreographic piece that infuses the artistic work of Isadora Duncan’s modern style, Auguste Rodin’s sculptures, and Dante Alighieri’s “Dante’s Divine Comedy. I will examine Duncan’s movement using Laban Movement Analysis to embrace key characteristics of her movement in my choreography. My work will aim to innovatively combine the emotion and gestures reflecting “The Gates of Hell” and Duncan’s fluidity of dance. The importance of these connections surpass the appreciation of art relationships through time. I would hope to discover and foster reflections upon the daily strife of the average human being for a new, and much needed view, in today’s era.