Student NameMaCartney Ewing
Faculty Mentor NameWesley Bolch
CollegeCollege of Engineering
MajorMechanical Engineering
MinorInternational Development and Humanitarian Assistance
Research InterestsNuclear medicine, Solar Energy, Humanitarian Engineering
Academic AwardsAttributes of a Gator Engineer: Service to the Global Community 2019; University Scholars Program 2017-2018; Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering Dean's List
OrganizationsEngineers Without Borders Nepal Team
Hobbies and InterestsScuba diving, cooking, and travelling.

Research Project

Manufacturing of Block Phantoms for Dose Measurement in Microdosimetry Proton Therapy

This investigation aims to manufacture high-precision aluminum injection molds, utilizing CNC and manual milling machines, to produce Proton Tissue-Equivalent (ProTEM) slabs with thicknesses between 3mm and 5cm. The resulting slabs will be used to conduct Relative Biological Effectiveness (RBE) measurements by using solid-state microdosimeters. The manufacturing operations used for mold production guarantee that the thickness of each aluminum mold does not vary more than 10% along the entire 10cm by 10cm surface. This ensures that the slabs created by the molds have accurate thickness with minimal variation, and that their surfaces are flat enough to avoid gaps when stacking slabs and dosimeters for testing.