Student NameMalhar Patel
Faculty Mentor NameTimothy Yousong Ding
CollegeUniversity of Florida
Research InterestsMedicinal Chemistry
OrganizationsChemistry Club, APSA, AASU
Volunteer WorkModerator for Science Bowl Event, Volunteer for Science Olympiad, Volunteer for Chemathon, Volunteer for North Florida Regional Medical Center, Volunteer for Chemistry Outreach
Hobbies and InterestsMy hobbies include chess, ping pong, tennis, and video-gaming. My interests include learning more about physics and chemistry.

Why I got involved with research

I got involved in research to learn the real world applications of chemistry in the medical field as I aspire to become a cardio-thoracic surgeon when I grow older.

Research Project

Exploration of induced alpha-helix formation of leader peptide upon interaction with ATP-grasp ligase processing enzyme in Microviridin-like RiPPs peptide system

In the course of this project, I will research 1) to understand the residues required for alpha-helix structure, 2) to figure out how the microviridin/microviridin-like precursor leader peptides conform to that understanding. If time permits, this study can be expanded in to ways, 3) to understand the difference between conserved residues in traditional microviridin peptides and those in microviridin-like peptides, and 4) to explore mutating the residues in the leader peptide to improve alpha-helix formation and assess the impact on reactivity with ATP-grasp ligase processing enzymes.