Manoj Kambara

Manoj Kambara


Dr. Dominick Lemas


UF Health Cancer Center


Microbiology and Cell Sciences





Academic Awards

Richard O. Jacobson Integrated Mathematical Oncology Scholar



Research Interests

Computational Biology, Bioinformatics

Hobbies and Interests

Research Project

The Impact of Maternal Obesity on Perinatal Cancer Outcomes Using Electronic Health Records

Cancer is a significant cause of mortality for women of reproductive age. Obesity is a risk factor for cancer; however recent observations suggest that overweight and obese cancer patients have lower mortality rates. Using electronic health record (EHR) data from UFHealth with nearly 28,000 deliveries over 10 years (2011 to 2021), we will investigate the impacts of maternal obesity on perinatal cancer outcomes. We will be using patient-level data and statistical analysis to categorize perinatal cancer according to NCI taxonomy and evaluate the impact of pre-pregnant BMI on cancer outcomes. With results from this data, we will work with UF clinicians to translate our findings into better cancer outcomes and treatment in perinatal populations. We hope to learn about unique factors that affect cancer outcomes in Florida families by studying this data.