Student NameMarissa Magnelli
Faculty Mentor NameTerry Harpold
CollegeCollege of Liberal Arts and Science
MajorInformation Systems
Research InterestsSustainability, Sustainable Development, Economics, Climate Science, Ecology
Academic AwardsUniversity of Florida Honors Program, President's Honor Roll, Warrington College of Business Dean's List
OrganizationsCareer and Academic Peer Mentors, Florida Leadership Academy, Global Business Society, Florida Business Leadership Society
Hobbies and InterestsTraveling, Biking, Hiking, Web Design

Research Project

The Applications of Deep Time in Economic Activities and Business Models

My research will discuss the geological and ecological concept of “deep time,” which posits that the Earth and its physical and evolutionary processes emerged millions or billions of years before the rise of humans, and that those processes will continue, in changing forms, into futures far beyond the survival of our species. I will propose that thinking about economic activities in relation to deep time might better allow us to estimate our environmental impacts today. Deep time is, in a sense, a model for analyzing and addressing in a positive way the effects of economic externalities. My research, which is at the crossroads of business and environmental humanities, will draw on the fields of economics, geology, and climate science to explore the applications of deep time in economic activities and business models. I will explore these fields to discover how a general model of deep time could apply to the contemporary manufacturing and consumer economy to sketch a new line of thinking in order to better the world and prolong the existence of our species.