Mary Feraudo

Mary Feraudo


Dr. Jeanette Andrade


College of Agricultural and Life Sciences


Nutritional Sciences


Leadership and Family, Youth, & Community Sciences


International Society of Aspiring Physicians (Executive board: membership director)

Academic Awards

Dean's list Fall 2020


North Florida Regional Medical Center (August 2020-Present)

Research Interests

Studying the impact of nutrition on health.

Hobbies and Interests

Photography and soccer

Research Project

Development and Validation of the Chronic Kidney Disease Short Food Frequency Questionnaire to Determine Diet Quality and Dietary Habits among Adults with Chronic Kidney Disease Pre-Dialysis: A Pilot Study

The purpose of this project is to validate a food frequency questionnaire to easily and efficiently determine diet quality of adults diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. The main goal is to examine the effects of certain foods on kidney biomarkers to improve overall health status. To accomplish this, chronic kidney disease patients complete the food frequency questionnaire followed by 2 24-hour recalls. Then, the data is entered into a database where it can be further analyzed.