Matthew Gold

Matthew Gold


Megan Cantrell


College of Agricultural and Life Sciences


Agricultural Education and Communication




Rowdy Reptiles, Florida Club Swim & Dive, Gator Collegiate FFA, Agricultural Communicators and Leaders of Tomorrow

Academic Awards

University Scholars Program 2021, CALS Honors Program, CALS Dean's List, President's Honor Roll, Rehwinkel Scholarship


Alachua County Humane Society

Research Interests

Leadership Development, Generational Differences, Agricultural Education

Hobbies and Interests

Swimming, Cooking, Reading

Research Project

Analyzing Talent Trends in Generation Z College Students

 The purpose of this research project is to identify talent themes among Generation Z college students, derived from analyzing the Clifton Strengths assessment results. Frequencies will be calculated from the top five talent themes of those in the population to allow for discussion of trends. Demographics of sex and year of birth will be analyzed to identify further trends among the population. Both of these will help to show the Clifton Strengths of diverse populations in the study and if changes are noticeable for older Generation Z as compared to younger Generation Z. Archival data will be analyzed from a sample of approximately 650 University of Florida college students who are representative of all 11 undergraduate colleges. 

The process for the research will consist of gathering and organizing the top five Clifton Strengths for each anonymous individual. Then analyzing frequencies to determine if talent theme trends exist based on the top five Clifton Strengths. Implications of this research has widespread potential within the area of scholarship of teaching and learning on college campuses nationwide. Further, this project will help to gain a better understanding of the talent themes that Generation Z college students inherently possess.