Matthew Hansen

Student NameMatthew Hansen
Faculty Mentor NameZachary Slepian
CollegeCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences
MinorMathematics, Computer Science
Research InterestsCosmology
Computational Astrophysics
Academic AwardsPresident’s Honor Roll 2018, 2019, 2020
University Scholars Program 2020
OrganizationsUF Science Olympiad, UF Housing
Hobbies and InterestsVideo games
Card Tricks

Research Project

Accelerating BAO Scale Fitting Using Taylor Series and Linear Algebra?

Extensive research has been done with 2 point correlation functions, and even higher nPCF in galaxy clustering. However, whenever a model is developed and data is collected, no analytic solution has been proposed to scale the model. It has always taken hours on computers to traverse all the data, and every scale factor to find the maximum of the log likelihood function of the model compared to the data. While this process gives us the final result, it does not tell us how the model depends on the parameters and how they are scaled. What we are proposing will show us how the model not only depends on the biases, but how our fiduciary understanding of cosmology must adapt to fit the data. This project will lead us to a further understanding of not only the beginning of the universe and what type of matter was most prevalent, but the eventual fate of the universe. After an analytic solution is found, we will transfer from a mathematical perspective to computer science, and code our solution in python. This will enable us to plug in the data into our solution, to obtain a numerical answer. This process will not only enhance old research by improving their model, but enable new research to bypass the hardships of scaling the model to the data. Â