Student NameMaxwell Woodbury
Faculty Mentor NameKeith Willmott
CollegeFlorida Museum of Natural History
MinorStatistics and Computer Science
Research InterestsBiostatistics, Climate Change, Data Analysis
Academic AwardsPresident’s Honor Roll (Spring 2017), Bright Futures Scholarship
OrganizationsUF Honors Program, UF Archery Club
Hobbies and InterestsChilling

Research Project

Niche model generation for species in genus Adelpha

I will be creating niche models for all species in the genus Adelpha for use in estimating species distributions and niches. These models will also be used to analyze the relationship between tropicality and climatic niches by overlaying climate data and looking for correlations between models. Some example uses include studying why there are more species in tropical areas of the Americas compared to other regions with different climates, as well as examining the impact of climate change on Adelpha species. These models could also potentially provide broader insights into butterfly evolution and ecology.