Megan McGourley

Megan McGourley


John Maze


College of Design, Construction, and Planning




Sustainability and the Built Environment


AIAS Member

Academic Awards

Simpson Strong Tie Foundation Award, Florida Bright Futures, Dean's List


Oldsmar Cares, Habitat for Humanity

Research Interests

Phenomenology, Modern Architecture, Critical Regionalism, Human Perception, Florida Architecture, Italian Architecture

Hobbies and Interests

Indoor Gardening, International Cuisine, Design and the Arts

Research Project

Phenomenology as a Function in Architecture: Human Perception and Connection to Physicality

Phenomenology in architecture concerns elements in design that are relatively intangible. These elements include light, space, time, and memories. Architecture can act as the transition between these elusive essences and the physical world by utilizing phenomenology as a function in design. Architects and theorists have studied the metaphorical qualities of intangibles in design since the inception of architecture. Human perception is inherently related to architecture as the human body is perceptive to many subjective forces unique to the individual—yet architecture can be understood by many–respective to their own memory. This project will explore the different ways humans are inherently connected with architecture and how it affects their lives through the lens of modern and historical architecture.