Student NameMiguel Perez-Blanco
Faculty Mentor NameAmor Menezes
CollegeCollege of Engineering
MajorPreprofessional Biology
Research InterestsMedicine, Athletic development and injuries, Physiology
Hobbies and InterestsSports, videogames

Research Project

Developing a Dynamical Model to Capture and Correct Adverse Blood Coagulation after Trauma

This project aims to reduce the high mortality rate of trauma patients who need massive blood transfusion treatments. The proposed work will specifically address the clotting impairments that occur after severe injury and shock, which massive transfusion is meant to overcome. Dynamical systems and control theory will be applied to models of the human blood coagulation system to develop targeted and personalized treatments that can be tailored to each trauma patient using quickly-measurable blood properties from a patient blood sample. The efficacy of dynamic versions of these compensatory treatments will be investigated over an entire patient recovery trajectory after hospital admittance, with suggested control-theoretic interventions and their predicted performance contrasted against actual clinician practice.