Student NameMyiera Seymour
Faculty Mentor NameDr. Leslie Parker
CollegeCollege of Nursing
Research InterestsNeonatal Nursing
Academic AwardsInternational Baccalaureate Candidate 2018
OrganizationsMinority Mentorship Program, Girls with Curls Programming Chair
VolunteeringPACE Alachua, Grace Marketplace
Hobbies and InterestsI love to travel and experience new things!

Why I got involved with research

I was particularly interested in Neonatal research due to the substantial amount of premature babies that are born each year (15 million worldwide!) and also the high amount of mothers and children who lose their lives to premature births. Being apart of the progress is very important to me.

Research Project

In my research with Dr. Parker, we must understand that mothers go through a process called Lactogenesis Stage II, where the most nutrients are present in the mothers breastmilk. We examined biomarkers that indicate when the mother is going through this process, so that she is able to provide as much nutrients for her baby as possible. This study also allows us to encourage breastfeeding for neonatal babies.