Nicole Burg

Nicole Burg


Amlan Biswas, PhD


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Physics and Mathematics


Russian Language and Culture


Society of Physics Students and Russian Culture Club

Academic Awards

University Research Scholars Program, UF Dean's List



Research Interests

Condensed Matter Physics, Computational Physics, Materials Science, and Linguistics

Hobbies and Interests

Knitting, Gardening, Travel, Language Learning

Research Project

Simulation of dielectrophoresis in manganite thin films

Certain manganite thin films exhibit a state where fluid-like ferromagnetic metallic (FMM) regions can coexist with an insulating background. When exposed to an electric field, these regions can be thought of much like conducting spheres, which move based on the electric forces they experience. In my research project, I aim to simulate the movement of these FMM regions and further understand results obtained through experimental measurements in the Biswas Lab. Using C++ and Python, I am able to model a grid containing electrodes and various initial amounts and positions of FMM regions. The goal is to use the simulation to calculate the time it takes the regions to line up between the electrodes and compare these to experimental values.