Nicolette Lyons

Nicolette Lyons


Dr. Daniel Johnson


College of Agricultural and Life Sciences


Natural Resource Conservation


Wildlife Ecology and Conservation



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Research Interests

Longleaf pine, Dispersal kernel, Seed dispersal model

Hobbies and Interests

Going to the beach, swimming, hiking, and road trips

Research Project

Quantifying Tree Dispersal in Longleaf Pine Forests

Longleaf pine forests once covered much of the southeastern United States, but have now been reduced to 3-5% of their original range. Longleaf pine ecosystems are extremely important carbon sinks and biodiversity hotspots for both plant and animal species- including threatened and endangered species. Since Longleaf pine seedlings need to establish several meters away from the parent tree to be successful, the likelihood that a seedling establishes is a combination of dispersal and environmental conditions. Litter traps set by the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) at the Ordway Swisher Biological Station will be collected, analyzed, and sorted into various functional groups. The resulting data will be used to develop seed dispersal models. The model aims to be applicable to forest managers and modelers trying to predict where to to find seeds and seedlings in longleaf pine forest tracts.