Nina Brown

Nina Brown


Dr. Zachary Slepian


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences




French and Francophone Studies


Astronomy and Astrophysics Society, Singer-Songwriter Society, and Pride Student Union.

Academic Awards

Florida Academic Scholars Award, Dean's List Spring 2020, USP Scholar 2021.



Research Interests

Large-Scale Structure and Cosmology

Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy gardening, creating music, and spending time with my cat.

Research Project

Measuring the Relative Velocity Between Baryonic and Dark Matter in the Milky Way

The leading theory in galaxy formation suggests the simultaneous formation of satellite objects around these systems as well. However, we don’t observe as many satellite objects as predicted. It’s been theorized that a high enough relative velocity between baryonic and dark matter could account for this disparity. My project will derive a Green’s function and apply it to the Two-Micron All Sky Survey Redshift Survey of the Milky Way galaxy in order to calculate what this relative velocity might be.