Paula Sanchez Garzon

Paula Sanchez Garzon


Dr. Mary Lusk


College of Agricultural and Life Sciences


Environmental Management in Agriculture and Natural Resources




Wetlands Club and SCLA

Academic Awards

UF CALS Dean's Office 2021, University Scholars Program 2021


Green House Facility at Valencia College, UF/IFAS Extension Weed Wrangle

Research Interests

Soil and water quality and remediation, soil microbiology, and environmental biogeochemistry

Hobbies and Interests

Hiking, playing guitar, outdoor activities, gardening, photography, reading NATGEO magazines

Research Project

The Study of Atmospheric Organic Nitrogen Transformation in Urban Area around Tampa, Florida

The project consists of the characterization of the molecular composition of Nitrogen and bioavailability of organic nitrogen in wet deposition as it changes from the atmosphere until it is deposited in the urban coastal area watershed and changes through urban throughfall and stormwater runoff. The characterization will be determined by collecting atmospheric wet deposition, throughfall from the urban forest, and stormwater runoff from the urban area around Tampa, Florida, and link them to the bioavailability and ecological significance to the urban coastal watershed. One of the research questions attempting to answer is how the following organic dissolved nitrogen (DON) characteristics change along the pathway from atmospheric precipitation to throughfall to stormwater? Atmospheric N is indirectly transported to water bodies by stormwater flux and causes eutrophication. The Tampa Bay concern is that it supports many people, and it is prone to N pollution since AON can be used by phytoplankton and bacteria which causes water quality degradations because of excess nutrients in water bodies.