Student NamePriyanka Pandya
Faculty Mentor NameParamita Chakrabarty
CollegeCollege of Medicine
MajorBiomedical Engineering
MinorEngineering Innovation
Research InterestsNeurodegenerative Diseases, Disease Therapy
Academic AwardsEmerging Scholars Program; Dean's List Fall 2018; National Society of Collegiate Scholars
OrganizationsFreshman Leadership Engineering Group; Gator Garba
VolunteeringVocaliD Ambassador
Hobbies and InterestsTravel, Leadership in Engineering

Why I got involved in research:

Through a range of experiences, I have discovered that my deepest passions and interests lie within the scientific field and applying what I learn in an academic setting to a more greater purpose. As a biomedical engineering major with an interest in disease therapy, I decided to pursue undergraduate research as a freshman in order to work alongside pioneers in the field and contribute meaningful results to their research. As a passionate advocate for technology and service, I felt confident that research would allow me to apply my knowledge to a very important area of study and contribute meaningful results through this program.

Research Project

Relationship between the Abi3 gene and the production of amyloid beta plaques

During my first semester as an Emerging Scholar, I worked closely with the other researchers and students in my lab to quickly learn the skills and techniques necessary when running my own project. I recently joined a project, in which the relationship between the Abi3 gene and the production of amyloid beta plaques is being observed. Additionally, I applied the Sholl Analysis program to quantify dendritic deterioration in the spines of mice, which is important for a lab that studies neurodegenerative diseases. Beginning in the fall, I plan to utilize the skills I’ve acquired this past semester and lead my own project.