Qirong “Sherry” Meng

Qirong “Sherry” Meng


Dr. Dennis DiPasquale


Warrington College of Business




Professional Sales


Delta Nu Zeta Service Sorority/ U Matter, We Care Student Ambassadors/ Career Centre Ambassador/ ISOM Master Program Ambassador/ Pi Sigma Epsilon Professional Fraternity

Academic Awards

Warrington Outstanding Achievement Award



Research Interests

Marketing/Customer Behavior/ Management

Hobbies and Interests

Traveling, Hiking and Kayaking

Research Project

Research on Improving International Student Involvement


As an international business student, I realize international students are rarely aware of the rich resources the Business School provides, such as career opportunities, interview practice, or leadership programs. A similar situation happens in almost every college. International students are more likely to feel frustrated after graduating and hunting for career opportunities since they barely have campus involvement and career support.

For example, my Chinese friend, Amy, is a junior marketing student at Warrington College of Business. She has no idea where she should find internship opportunities and whom she should ask for help. Her resume only has a great GPA and high school experiences, and she does not know anything about mock interviews or interview preparation. However, our business school has Hirewarrington to help the student find jobs and Business Career Service advisors and UCAP mentors to guide you through the job application process. For leadership and business development, we have Florida Leadership Academy, Heavener Leadership Challenge, and so on. But why do we hardly see any international students? Where are they?


I plan to research the international student involvement issue, especially for Chinese international students, since we are the largest population among the international student group. I plan to get to know students’ ideas through zoom or in-person interviews, online surveys, and tracking surveys.


My goal is to find a way to increase international student involvement in business school and better support them in academics, college life, and career development. On the other hand, I also would like to guide international students better utilize school resources.