Randi Dias

Randi Dias


Dr. Walter O'Dell


College of Medicine




Public Health


AMSA, Best Buddies

Academic Awards

University of Scholars, Florida Bright Futures


Child Life Program, Community Health Center

Research Interests

Vessel segmentation, Quality improvement

Hobbies and Interests

Research Project

Validating lung vessel size and application to early pre-term gestation patients

Although there is a standardized scoring system which quantifies the degree of underdevelopment in preterm babies (preemies), the development of preemie lungs is an area that has not been fully studied. As a result, the advancement in care is hindered when trying to improve the early survival of preterm babies. In the majority of preemie cases, the babies are not able to breathe on their own and therefore, require the assistance of a respirator. However, due to the lack of data, there is no objective criteria that determines the appropriate time to safely take a preemie off of a respirator. The goal of this project is to distinguish quantifiable metrics of lung development in preemies compared to full-term children. The data acquired from this project could eventually provide physicians clinical guidance that further improves the well-being of patients.