Renae Burke

Student NameRenae Burke
Faculty Mentor NameKevin J. Otto, PhD
CollegeHerbert Wertheim College of Engineering
MajorDouble major in Biomedical Engineering and Music
Research Interestsbrain-machine interfaces, biomechanics, regenerative medicine
Academic AwardsUniversity of Florida Music Scholarship 2016, Florida Bright Futures Scholarship 2016, Sung Scholarship 2019, University Scholars Program 2020
OrganizationsBiomedical Engineering Society, Generational Relief in Prosthetics, University Symphony Orchestra, ASME BioDesign Team (Secretary)
Hobbies and Interestsviolin performance, reading fiction novels, entomology

Research Project

Intracortical Micromagnetic Stimulation?

Developing a bidirectional brain-machine interface to provide sensory feedback from prosthetic hands relies on the chronic performance of neuroprostheses in both recording and stimulation. I am testing the stimulation and recording capabilities of an implantable microcoil to assess whether micromagnetic stimulation is able to compensate for the decrease in prosthesis functionality caused by foreign body reaction.