Robert Feder

Student NameRobert Feder
Faculty Mentor NameBenjamin Baiser
CollegeCollege of Agricultural and Life Sciences
MajorEnvironmental Science
MinorNonprofit Organizational Leadership and Soil and Water Sciences
Research Interestscommunity ecology, urban ecology, habitat management
Academic AwardsCollege of Agricultural and Life Sciences Undergraduate Academic Scholarship (2017-2020), University Scholars Program (2020)
OrganizationsUF Engineers Without Borders Peru Team
Hobbies and InterestsHiking & Reading

Research Project

Relating Land Use and Fire History to Changing Plant Diversity Across Pine Rockland Fragments?

Pine rockland of southern Florida is one of our planet’s rarest ecosystems and is found where limestone is expressed at the ground surface — the Miami Rock Ridge, the Florida Keys, and Big Cypress National Preserve. Over the past thirty years, there has been an effort to sample community vegetation plots in pine rockland fragments on Miami Rock Ridge, and preliminary analysis indicated that alpha diversity is decreasing for seven plots. This fire-dependent habitat lies within the increasingly complex urban-agricultural matrix of Miami-Dade County. I will determine how the surrounding land uses and fire ecology data relate to species richness and composition of twenty pine rockland fragments.