Student NameRyan Fishman
Faculty Mentor NameJorg Bungert
CollegeCollege of Medicine
MajorMicrobiology & Cell Science
MinorHealth Disparities
Research InterestsStem cells, Immune system, Genetics
Academic Awards2017 AP Scholar with Distinction; 2018 Fall CLAS Dean's List
OrganizationsEqual Access Clinic Network
VolunteeringBaby Gator
Hobbies and InterestsFitness, Soccer, Jacksonville Jaguars, Surfing

Why I got involved in research:

I wanted to become involved in the cutting edge of science.

Research Project

Elucidating The Role Of Transcription Factor TFII-I (Gtf2i) During The Process Of Red Blood Cell Formation

We have preliminary data suggesting that TFII-I is involved in regulating chromatin structure and transcription elongation during the differentiation of red blood cells. We will use recombination technology to introduce a biotinylatable tag into the endogenous TFII-I gene in human HUDEP-2 cells, which can be induced to differentiate along the red blood cell lineage. Biotin engages in strong interactions with streptavidin. We will subject the modified cells to streptavidin mediated pull-down to purify and identify proteins that TFII-I interacts with during red blood cell differentiation. Using streptavidin pull-down we will also map the chromatin sites TFII-I interacts with. Finally, we will generate TFII-I deficient cells to examine changes in gene expression levels using RNA-sequencing. We anticipate that the data will provide us with important information regarding TFII-I’s role in red blood cell differentiation.