Sabrina Dugan

Sabrina Dugan


Dr.Nawari Nawari


College of Design, Construction, and Planning




Urban Planning


UF DCP Diversity Ambassador President 2020-2021 · UF Disability Ambassador 2020-2021 · UF Varsity Women’s Crew Team Travel Chair 2020-2021 · UF Varsity Women’s Crew Team 2018-2021 · UF Chemical Nuclear Engineering Club Member 2018-202

Academic Awards

Best entrepreneurship pitch at Women’s Conference at Florida Institute of Technology · Founder of Break the Hunger Chain raising over 35,000 cans of food · Volunteering at my church with disabilities ministry for ten years · Two back-to-back National Championship Titles in American Collegiate Rowing · Currently ranked number four in the nation in the women’s single


Founder of Break the Hunger Chain

Research Interests

Disabilities in the Built Environment, Urban Planning, Diversity Implementations

Hobbies and Interests


Research Project

Sustainability and Equity: Energy Use in Accessibility Interventions for Universal Design

Energy use within accessibility in the built environment is an important sustainability and equity issue. This problem is particularly critical for the University of Florida, Gainesville Campus. Erosion in circulation pathways is unacceptable within the UF campus. The disabled population is uncomfortable with the inequality problems regarding social, educational spaces, and pathways limitations within the UF campus. These Barriers are creating boundaries for the disabled community, which creates a societal separation. We can overcome these barriers by offering a new and improved accessibility map for the University of Florida that improves sustainability and equity. The last disability map was made in 2010, and it is outdated and does not include the energy information needed for handicapped communities with inaccurate building footprints and inaccurate pathways. The research project aims to create accessible pathways and calculate how much energy an electric wheelchair needs to get from point A to point B within UF Campus. This project offers information that allows the disabled community to not worry about breaking down while moving throughout campus. With the proposed updated urban routes and the energy use map, the disability community will not be scared to travel around campus. Thus, the project seeks to create a safe and diverse environment and improve sustainability, equity, social and spatial interactions at the UF campus.