Student NameSarah Hylton
Faculty Mentor NameYousong Ding
CollegeCollege of Pharmacy
MajorPre- Professional Biology
Research InterestsEnzymatic Reactions, Natural Product Reactions, Biosynthetic Pathways
Academic AwardsAcademic Scholars Award, Lynch Family Legacy Scholarship
OrganizationsFlorida Club Swim and Dive Team, First Responder Gator, Gator Emergency Medical Response Unit
Hobbies and InterestsSwimming, Lifting weights, Violin, Ukulele

Research Project

The Synthesis of Thaxtomin Analogs via Biosynthetic Pathways

The research that I will conduct as a University Scholar pertains to a unique group of natural products produced by microbes called thaxtomins. Thaxtomins are virulence factors of many plant pathogenic Streptomyces strains and demonstrate potent herbicidal activity. As resistance to current widely- used agricultural herbicides increases, there is a strong need to develop new, effective herbicides with new target sites that can be produced in an economic and environmentally friendly manner. That is why I will work to produce thaxtomin analogs by using biosynthetic enzymes, a process which is cheaper, greener, and more efficient than existing chemical synthesis routes.