Sarah Patuel

Student NameSarah Patuel
Faculty Mentor NameDiwakar Vyas
CollegeCollege of Agriculture and Life Sciences
MajorAnimal Biology
Research InterestsAnimal nutrition, livestock well-being
Academic AwardsFlorida Academic Scholars Program 2019, Dean’s List 2019/2020, University Scholars Program 2020, University Honors Program 2020
OrganizationsUF Pre-Veterinary Club, UF Doctors Without Borders Club, UF Veterinary Volunteers Around the World Club, UF Skydiving Club
Hobbies and InterestsWorking with animals in any capacity and playing intramural soccer.

Research Project

Quantifying Abundance of Inoculated Probiotics at Different Time Intervals?

The objective of this research project that I will be working on with Dr. Vyas is to quantify the amount of dietary probiotics in rumen at different time intervals post feeding. Probiotics influence the function and composition of the microbiota within the gastrointestinal tract, which are instrumental in a number of beneficial processes in the host organism, including improved nutrient utilization and stimulation of the immune system. Because of the ruminant’s dependence on microbial population in the rumen for feed digestion, the potential benefits of probiotics in improving digestive efficiency and production performance are greater for ruminants as compared to monogastrics. A better understanding of the survival and persistence of the inoculated bacterial strains will help us determine which probiotics are most effective and maintained at a stable population within the rumen.