Savannah Akus

Student NameSavannah Akus
Faculty Mentor NameHyo, Kang, Ph.D. in Design Studies with a focus on Virtual Reality
CollegeCollege of Digital Arts & Sciences
MajorComputer Science
MinorDigital Arts and Sciences
Research InterestsVR, AR, Computer Science, Software
Academic AwardsN/A
OrganizationsGatorVR President, UF ACM, UF Signing Gators
Hobbies and InterestsGaming, programming, art, cosplay, software, VR

Research Project

3D VR Store

The goal of this research project is to evaluate and develop a virtual reality (VR) simulation tool that analyzes the data of human behavior in a realistic scenario, allowing further research in collecting large amounts of data. VR simulations have been of interest in the academic field but there remains a lack of evidence that human behavior in VR simulations is comparable to human behavior in real-world scenarios. There are two main objectives in this research project. The first objective is to find how valid the comparison between human behavior in VR and real-world scenarios are. The current research suggests that humans spend less time in a VR environment and are shown to be more aggressive compared to real-world environments. Our plan is to further study these behaviors and advance our VR simulations to reduce the difference between human behavior in both the simulated and real-world environments. The second main objective in this research project is to create a virtual reality simulation that is user friendly enough for people new to VR technology. With knowledge in VR, behavior science and eye tracking, the project will be useful for researchers studying the human behavioral link between VR scenarios and scenarios within real world.