Scott Bentz

Scott Bentz


Dr. Miller


Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering


Materials Science and Engineering




Chem-E-Car Team

Academic Awards



Educational Engagement, UF Rocketry Team

Research Interests

Microstructure Analysis, Nano materials, Laser Forming

Hobbies and Interests

Playing board games and trading stocks

Research Project

Laser Forming of Sheet Metal

I will be responsible for assisting in initial setup of the newly-acquired benchtop IR laser and laser forming trials with a variety of sheet metal foils, including Cu and W. The bend angles as a function of stacking fault energy and prior metallurgical treatment will be measured with the help of a graduate student. The laser system is fully enclosed and includes interlocks, so no substantial laser safety hazard is anticipated. Similarly, only solid non-hazardous metals will be formed so no chemical hazard is anticipated. I will also devise a system to record in-situ video of the laser forming as it is taking place using e.g. a low cost camera that can be placed inside the laser enclosure.  Additionally, I will demonstration folds, and different designs the laser is capable of making.