Serena Dijkhuizen

Student NameSerena Dijkhuizen
Faculty Mentor NameRoxane Coche
CollegeCollege of Journalism and Communications
MinorGraphic Design Certificate
Research Interestsgender studies, skateboarding, feminism
Academic AwardsN/A
OrganizationsSurf Club, Wahines of the Waves, Spoon University UF Branch
Hobbies and Interestsskateboarding, painting, digital art, plant enthusiast, cat lover

Research Project

Female Skateboarders in the U.S.?

This project is a replication of a 2004 study focusing on the experiences of women in skateboarding. This study will be based in the U.S., the birthplace of skateboarding. Using a qualitative method with questions loosely adapted from the original study, I will examine how gender affects skateboarders’ experiences, and how those experiences compare to those described in 2004.