Shannon McCloskey

Student NameShannon McCloskey
Faculty Mentor NameStephen Mullens
CollegeCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences
MajorEnvironmental Science
Research InterestsMeteorology, hurricanes, extreme weather
Academic AwardsBright Futures Academic Scholar (2018-present), Graham Center Civic Scholar (Spring 2020), University Scholars Program Scholar (2020-2021)
OrganizationsTreasurer of Strong Roots Movement
Hobbies and InterestsPainting, reading

Research Project

Exploring How Early Season Tropical Cyclones Indicate Full Season Activity?

The goal of this project is to see if the calendar date when the first tropical storms formed within a tropical season tells us anything about how intense the entire tropical season will be. We will be looking at several parameters regarding the first five named tropical storms in the Atlantic Basin for each hurricane season on record from 1984 to the present day. These factors include the lifespan of each storm (the number of days the storm was at least tropical depression strength), how early in the season each one formed, and the final number of tropical storms, hurricanes, and major hurricanes that occurred each season. We will also consider the Accumulated Cyclone Energy and Net Tropical Cyclone Activity values computed by Colorado State University.