Sophie White

Sophie White


Dr. Larry Page


Florida Museum of Natural History


Marine Sciences & Chinese


International Studies in Agricultural and Life Sciences & Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language


AWARE, Alpha Zeta, Marine Biology Club

Academic Awards

CALS Dean's List, University Scholars Program



Research Interests

Phylogenetics, aquaculture

Hobbies and Interests

BTS, videography, reading, traveling, snorkeling

Research Project

Describing a species of the genus Pangio (Cobitidae)

The genus Pangio (Cobitidae) is a group of freshwater “eel-like loaches” that are endemic to South and Southeast Asia. Ichthyologists from the Florida Museum of Natural History (FLMNH) have collected specimens from several species of Pangio over the past decade. Of the current collection, most specimens are from drainages in Cambodia, Thailand, and the Malay Peninsula, with the specimens from Thailand and Cambodia having been collected most recently. Molecular research conducted from tissue samples of FLMNH’s Pangio specimens and morphological comparisons have revealed a species within the collection from Cambodia that is believed to be undescribed taxonomically. Describing this species will allow for a more accurate understanding of the diversity of the genus and the distribution of species, as well as testing previously published estimates of phylogenetic relationships among species of Pangio.