Tanvi Padalkar

Student NameTanvi Padalkar
Faculty Mentor NameAlix Johnson, PhD
CollegeCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Research InterestsWomen’s Health, Medicine On Virtual Platforms, Gender, Digitalization of Communities, Psychology
Academic AwardsUF CALS Deans List, UF CALS Scholarship (2019-2020)
OrganizationsUF AWARE, NAMI: A Helping Hand, UF Integrative Wellness
Hobbies and InterestsCooking, Exploring, Creating Artwork, Hiking

Research Project

Ethnographic Study of Endometriosis in Social Media?

Endometriosis is a benign gynecological disorder in which tissue that usually grows inside of the uterine cavity grows outside of the uterus. Due to a lack of clear understanding about the disease’s biology and unclear diagnosis, many women have turned to the utilization of social media platforms to gain more knowledge on their condition. Discussion of the spectrum of symptoms and uncertainty revolving around endometriosis has been tied with dismissal and shame. Thus, to connect with others and build a support system, many women have turned to private forums and public social media platforms. With the transcending of endometriosis discussions from private forums to public platforms, calls into question how women have been exposing a taboo topic after they were dismissed in real life. The projection of the women’s conversations about a critical medical condition on social media platforms will garner increasing understanding of how taboo topics are addressed online, but remain confidential offline.