Tatiana Aviles

Tatiana Aviles


Dr. Josephine Esquivel-Upshaw


College of Dentistry




Nutritional Sciences


Chi Alpha Christian Ministries; UF Medlife

Academic Awards

University Scholars Program Recipient


Ronald McDonald House; Sira Pregnancy Clinic

Research Interests

Dental implants

Hobbies and Interests

Art, Latin dance, hiking, cooking, violin, ukulele, singing, running (cross country), soccer, traveling

Research Project

Exclusion of Gravitational Influence on Hydroxyapatite Film Deposition on Ti Implants

Over the last two years, our team has conducted a pilot experiment (“Hydroxyapatite Formation on Coated Titanium Implants Submerged in Simulated Body Fluid”) on the ability of different coatings in developing a film of hydroxyapatite (HA) on dental implants over a 28-day submersion period in Simulated Body Fluid (SBF). Throughout the duration of this experiment, we noted that each coating was successful in aggregating a layer of HA. However, our team would like to further pursue this research by excluding the effect of gravity on HA deposition and also monitor the periodic development of HA.

We will test HA formation with minimal gravitational influence on titanium discs with coatings of titanium nitride (TiN), quaternized titanium nitride (Q.TiN), and silicon dioxide (SiO2). We will also observe HA development on a positive control of sodium hydroxide-treated discs and a negative control of uncoated titanium discs. All discs will be polished and appropriately coated prior to submersion in SBF. Submersion will cover a 7, 15, and 30-day period with the SBF being replenished every 48 hours. The effects of gravity will be minimized by suspending the discs vertically in solution using a Teflon mesh. This will allow Ca+2 and PO4-3 ions to be distributed freely throughout the disk and HA deposition will not be dependent on gravity forcing the HA crystals to settle on the surface. Comparisons will then be made between samples and our data analyzed.