Taylor Hilton

Taylor Hilton


Dr. Jennifer A. Nichols


Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering


Biological Engineering


Biomolecular Engineering



Academic Awards

Dean’s List Fall 2018-Fall 2020, Florida Section of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers’ Scholarship, John & Mittie Collins Engineering Scholarship


Volunteer 2 hours/week at Wilmot Botanical Gardens

Research Interests


Hobbies and Interests

Part time barista at Opus Coffee

Research Project

Comparing Two Motion Capture Marker Sets for Measuring Thumb Kinematics

Motion capture, which records human movement by measuring the position of passive reflective markers, is widely used to study hand biomechanics. However, a standardized marker set has not yet emerged for studying the thumb. Measuring thumb kinematics is challenging due to the small size of its bone segments and complexity of motions enabled by its multi-degree-of-freedom joints.  In my project, I am examining differences in joint angles measured using two common marker sets for measuring thumb kinematics. I will also be validating the correct joint angle of the thumb joints to assess which marker set yields the most consistently accurate results.